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These are some of the characteristics that should define you:

Be smart

To be a good creative, you have to be smart. Social, emotional and logical intelligence. Intelligence is nothing but the ability of our mind to understand, reason and get an idea of ​​reality. Need gray matter to create and transform.

Be an observer

You have to keep your eyes wide open. A good creative looks at everything around him, is aware of everything that happens around him. Look up, down and to the sides. In the street, he is aware of every corner. Being a good observer is a differentiating element in any creative, since it will help you to clarify a fact or information that can be confusing.

Be restless and curious

A good creative does not stop. He is not satisfied with what he knows or what he sees. Look beyond. Curiosea, is aware of trends. To be a good creative, you have to maintain the ability to be surprised and, to continue to be amazed, you have to look at all the news that surrounds you.

Not setting limits

In creativity there should be no limits. Many times ideas arise that it seems that they will not be able to be executed due to technical, budgetary, human resources, etc. A good creative knows how to take advantage of the shortcomings, turn them around, and overcome those limits.

Do not EVER be afraid

Fear is the worst ally of any type of work, but for a creative it is also a great slab to develop their ideas. Fear of ridicule, fear of being wrong, fear of being criticized, etc. That sense of anguish caused by imagined dangers will paralyze any new ideas that may arise.

Have no prejudices

Creatives must not be prejudiced. They must work without preconceived ideas about anything. It is not convenient to have previous opinions of any kind, not even positive ones, since the capacity for surprise is limited. But of course, a good creative cannot face a new challenge with previous negative ideas. The development of your work will be totally dependent on it and nothing will be achieved.

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