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Are you an SME and are you worried about the impact of the pandemic on your business? Consider the following …


  1. Open your digital business. Today every business must have a website.
  2. If you want to be found, you must have a Blog and develop valuable content.
  3. The objective of your website is not only to inform, it is to prospect. Include a subscription incentive and convert visits into leads.
  4. Fall in love before selling to your subscribers through email marketing campaigns that build trust in your brand.
  5. Social networks are the best vehicle to amplify your content. Have a presence where your brand can stand out more and where your market uses TODAY.
  6. Your audience is not numbers, they are people waiting to be heard. Spend time with your networks and talk with your community.
  7. Your website must be professionally optimized for mobile devices, you can lose visits if you don’t.
  8. Make promotions exclusively for your communities on social networks, activate their participation with these practices.
  9. Publish on your social networks taking care of the quality of the photos you upload, their size, the texts you attach and the links you share.
  10. Solve the problems of your market and they will see you as an expert, as a special brand.

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