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If your “Internet branding” or digital brand is represented with a “pr” (that is, Puerto Rico) next to it, you are not respecting your own brand. That is to recognize that somebody else owns the name of your company. You turn your brand into a facsimile, not at all reasonable.

If the name of your business is already registered in North American territory or in other countries, surely you have been advised to resolve it with a “facsimile domain”. Too many graphic designers just want to invoice their work without any consideration of the “branding” of your company.

A “facsimile domain” limits your penetration into the networks, regionalizing your presence. It can be confusing when searching for your business on the Internet and many users will end up on the page that has the “proprietary domain” brand.

But, there are solutions. Several “respectful” alternatives. Those alternatives include – if you insist – that you get a domain from Puerto Rico, that is, .pr That, instead of mistakenly forcing it as part of your corporate name or brand.

A top-level domain (TLD) is the suffix located at the end of a domain name, such as “.com”, and so on. Represents the highest level within the hierarchical organization of the Domain Name System (DNS)

There are many creative, easy-to-remember combinations that are worth evaluating, if you really want to have a “proprietary” brand presence.

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